Friday, April 24, 2009

Round 1, Game 3, 4-23-09
Lakers @ Jazz
Jazz 88 - Lakers 86

What a great game to end my season on. I won't be at Saturday's game and hope we can extend the series, but we'll see I guess..

-- I've been to probably 200 games over the last 5 years and have never seen fans cheer for their teams players long before real warm ups happen... i've seen Laker fans do a lot of funny crap, but never this... they cheered players coming on the court, they cheered players leaving.. it was funny..

-- about 30 minutes before tipoff, the two people in the two seats to my left arrived.. combined among the 3 of us, me and them (a couple) probably had a good 900 pounds between us.. it was a tight 3 seats, but luckily he kept himself on his side.. his arm was broken, he couldn't cheer.. his wife/girlfriend kept complaining, all night long, about how hot it was..

-- the national anthem singer sucked tonight! she was average until close to the end, when she dove straight down into the toilet.. i wonder if there are any video clips of it.. she blew it at the end..

-- John Stockton was introduced and was seen sitting with Mark Eaton.. he was given a good ovation.. as people were leaving for halftime, they would walk down the aisle and stare at him.. that would drive me crazy...

-- rich guy James Goldstein was at the game, as he usually can be seen at most playoff games, everywhere, i guess he flies to them.. see his wikipedia page/pic for info about him.

i guess that will do it.. maybe we can win Saturday one more in LA... let's Go JAZZ!! we'll see.. so long everyone.. that does it for now.. as i said, i won't be back next year.. so long!

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pregame - underage drinkers fighting the law, and losing.

pregame - rich guy james goldstein

pregame - national anthem photo

pregame - lights out

pregame - lights out fireworks

q2 - d-will is almost looking at me while gary briggs sprays him after he was hurt.

q2 - kobe at the line, makes both jazz up 32-27

q3 - tnt desk during the 3rd, reggie miller, marv albert and their stat guy

q3 - jazz after timeout

q4 - panoramic shot in the 4th

q4 - these redneck guys are so pissed about the last call, as you can see..

q4 - theyve calmed themselves down a few seconds later

end - jazz win game 88-86 in a close one

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